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Prestige Caterers

Our 5-Star culinary team, Prestige Caterers, has been servicing the upscale Glatt Kosher clientele year round. From the finest hotels, country clubs, yachts, or tents, They are New York’s premiere kosher caterer.
You will be dazzled with exceptional gourmet cousine, original fair to traditional Pesach favorites, children’s tailored menus, mouth watering daily meals, exquisite buffets and desserts, daily poolside BBQs, Sushi, French Fries and smoothie bar stations and so much more.
Prestige Caterers, The Smilow Family and Project Inspire pride themselves on satisfying each individual’s tastes and preferences. Our “specialty” chefs will prepare dietary requests such as vegetarian, allergy, diabetic, low sodium, no sodium, and non-gluten dishes. Please let us know in advance how we can meet your needs.
We will provide cold drinks and some icy treats daily at all of the pools and continuing with our extravagant daily spectacular poolside BBQ’s.
Our new and improved all-you-can-eat Restaurant/Tea Room is lavishly stocked with healthy snacks, fruits, frozen delicacies such as Gelato, pareve and dairy ice cream, sweets galore and other surprises. Hot and cold beverages are always available throughout the property. It’s the perfect stop during the day or night to get caught up or meet new friends.
We are constantly adding new dimensions to our culinary experience resulting in signature creations. Our experienced staff will work hard to insure that your decision to join us this year will result in your total satisfaction exceeding all expectations.
The Tamaya Resort will be under the strict hashgacha of Rabbi Manish Spitz, who has been our Rav Hamachshir going on 15 years. For a reference contact Rabbi Eisen form the OU, Rabbi Heinemann from the Star K and Rabbi Yaakov Gross – Rosh Kollel of the Miami Beach Community Kollel.
Birthday, anniversary and special occasion cakes are also available.
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