Ohad was born and raised in Belgium, where at an early age he began his musical path. Ultimately settling in Israel, Ohad ‘s first single was “Seu Marom” which was arranged by Ken Burgess, a well respected Israeli musician. After being introduced to well-known producer David Fadida, Ohad’s career took off. His first album was co-produced by Mr. Fadida as well as with legendary composer Yossi Green, who compositions have become many of Ohad’s greatest hits.
Ohad’s unique voice allows him to sing a wide variety of musical styles. His voice is a blend of sweetness, feeling, energy, and an incredible vocal range, which place him in a league of his own in the world of Jewish music. He also speaks 4 languages fluently: Hebrew, English, French and Dutch. He’s performing all over the world in sold out concerts. He’s been in Israel, America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England, France, Belgium, South Africa etc.
Aaron Teitelbaum Productions is a leader in the Jewish music world. Combining experience, professionalism, and a high musical standard, ATP has become one of the most sought after orchestras in the world.
ATP is specifically known for his legendary chupas, where legendary arranger Yisroel Lamm, personally custom writes the music for each event. Aaron focuses on a high caliber product, but places a large emphasis on expertise customer service. His attentiveness to detail and ability to execute, has given him the ability to distinguish himself from the competition.

music by Mendy Hershkowitz


Mendy Hershkowitz

Mendy Hershkowitz’s inborn love of music was evident before his first birthday, an interest that blossomed with each passing year. By age five, Mendy was playing the drums, and his musical aspirations soared exponentially in his early teenage years when he learned to play the piano and began composing original music.

Sharing an unbridled passion for music he upped the ante in the Jewish music scene with a single minded devotion to musical excellence. Mendy toured with Lipa Schmeltzer, winning praise and admiration from music lovers worldwide. In addition to playing the keyboard, Mendy soon found himself writing, producing and arranging music for the biggest names in the Jewish music including Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried, Benny Friedman and Yossi Green.

Always eager to embrace another challenge, Mendy sold his band in 2014, staying on through June 2016 as musical director, while also focusing more heavily on full scale, live production and freelance musical direction. Sonic Duo, Mendy’s newest joint venture with Chesky Breuer of Shira Choir, offers a full range of services to a wide array of talented individuals including production, marketing, branding and business management. We are very excited that he has decided to join the Smilow Family for Pesach 2017 and look forward to his talents adding an electrifying thunder to our entertainment.

music by Mendy Hershkowitz


Known as one of the most dynamic performers to have made their mark on the Jewish music scene over the last several years, Uri Davidi continues to wow audiences at weddings and concerts all over North America. A truly versatile singer whose unique ability to connect with his audience has made him one of the most in demand vocalists today, Davidi’s trademark warmth and energy are evident every time he steps up to the microphone. From the emotional to the electric, Davidi does it all, logging approximately 600 appearances since 2013.

Davidi got his start singing chupahs at friends’ weddings, earning one job after another with his heartfelt performances and, in the process, finding himself with a career in music. His recently released debut album, Halevai, has delighted listeners worldwide, bringing Davidi’s music to an even wider audience. Born and bred in Los Angeles, Davidi and his wife Rikki live in New Jersey and are the proud parents of three.


Moishe Storch bio coming soon!


Shira Choir is composed of true musical connoisseurs, who’ve spent years fine tuning their incredible talents into sophisticated and intricate melodious performances. Expertly led by the master coordinator, Shraga Gold, Shira Choir sings and entertains crowds worldwide with a wide array of impressive, renowned performers, including the all time classics, such as Avraham Fried, Mordechai Ben David, and Suki and Ding Productions, along with the latest sensations, Lipa Shmeltzer and Yaakov Shwekey, and many more.

Shraga Gold had been in the music industry for years, providing informal entertainment for friends and family, when a newcomer to Shraga’s performances, awed and astounded by his breathtaking capabilities, suggested that he begin his own group. Thus, Shira Choir was born, introducing the Jewish world to an entirely new level of musical perfection. From sweet Chassidic nigguns to energizing dance tunes, Shraga Gold leads his group to masterfully resonate music in its ultimate state of purity and beauty. Using his musical genious, Shraga Gold creates a magical blend of brilliant sounds.

Shira Choir has traveled around the globe, spreading the sweet sounds of music through their exceptional performances, from chupas in Australia and sheva brachos at sea to local bar mitzvah celebrations. Performing at dinners and events, they ensure that each one is unforgettable, selecting music that perfectly complements each occasion. With a roster of 20 singers, Shira Choir can be customized to perfectly fit your budget and celebration style.

With Shira Choir, one does not merely listen. The sounds emanating from the talented assembly demand complete involvement of your entire being. They speak to your soul. Transforming any event into a truly memorable occasion, people walk away from a performance with a distinct and exceptional imprint, signifying that they’ve been touched by the one and only Shira Choir.

Coby Elimelech

Coby Elimelech has had the privilege of performing before many heads of state including Canadian Prime Minister Harper on 2 occasions and the Prince of Morocco. In fact Coby has delighted and mystified audiences all over the world. His audience include a who’s-who of celebrities, royalty, and other notables such as; Samuel L. Jackson, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg,
Kevin Spacey and David Copperfield and his crew.
Coby has performed in over 30 countries around the world and has been featured on over 30 television performance and talk shows.
Coby is one of the busiest if not the busiest magician in Canada. He does over 500 live stage and close up shows per year! His blend of magic, mentalism and illusions intertwined with his charm and charisma, is what makes his performances so unique.

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